What to Serve in Your Wedding Reception

What Food to Choose

There is no right or wrong when choosing food for your wedding reception, the only thing that you should keep in mind if the food is convenient to serve them.  There are different types of food serving that are commonly used for a particular type of wedding. Each style may vary from one another particularly the cost.

All About WeddingFormal Reception

For a more formal meal a sit-down dinner would be the best choice.  This is the most traditional yet most expensive types of food serving. In this type of food serving you need at least three courses along with dessert and wine or champagne. Aside from the gourmet food that is being served another reason why this type of food serving is expensive because it requires a lot of waiting staff, which means that you will be paying for the man power. Basically, sit-down dinner requires a well-planned menu to make the dining experience memorable. A culinary expert is the one who prepare the food with his other assistants.

There are lots of benefits that you can get from sit-down dinner. First is that everything is well-organized, from table and chair arrangement to transition of food down to the pouring of wine. With sit-down dinner guests will have a set place to sit. The dinner will be less chaotic because of the wait staff that provides the needs of the guests. This is also ideal if you want to achieve formal wedding photographs.

The Fork Buffet

Perfect for casual setup. This is somewhere between a formal and a finger buffet. With this kind of setup guests can have variety of options to choose from. They can eat whatever served in the buffet table and sit at a formal table setting to eat. This is very common for American style wedding. In this type of food serving, you can serve both hot and cold food. You don’t need a gourmet food for this because the less formal the food is, the better the buffet will turn out. With this type of food serving you can set few different food stations. You can have Indian, Japanese, and Thai for each buffet table. This will not only satisfy your guests but also it is a perfect entertainment to your wedding.

The Finger Buffet

This is the less formal of all. Finger buffet is similar to cocktail party. In this type of food serving guests don’t require cutlery and are free to mingle and eat at the same time. Basically, the foods that are being served are bite-sized snacks and pastries. You can also serve chips with different dips. Unlike the two type of food serving that were mentioned above, this is a less expensive option.

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