Wedding Gifts That You Should Avoid Giving to Newlywed Couples

Some Stuff That are Wedding Gift Jinx

Across traditions, giving gifts to the newlywed couple is a common practice. This activity has been passed down from generations and have been deeply ingrained in most societies.

Although presenting gifts to the newlywed is widespread, there are things that you should not give the bride or groom because of the negative connotations or negative energy that these gifts are associated with.

Take note of these jinx wedding gifts and always avoid giving them to newlywed couples.

Sharp or Pointed Objects

Mostly universally accepted, any kind of gift with blade or pointed or has a sharp end is believed to have the power to sever the relationship of the couple. Stuff like knives, umbrellas, can openers, or scissors can be the cause of chasm in couple’s relationship. If you’re giving a gift to a couple with Chinese blood, avoid presenting an umbrella because the Mandarin word for umbrella sounds like “split up.”


This is primarily because of the fragile nature of mirrors. In many cultures, breaking a mirror can result to bad luck. There are also those who believe that negative spirits are trapped inside the mirrors and are looking for their way out. Better avoid giving mirrors to newlyweds with these ideas still being believed today.


If you’re giving gifts to Filipino or Korean brides, avoid giving them handkerchiefs because these square cloths are believed to invite tears and sorrow. Handkerchiefs are also associated with hard work and ill health.  

Shoes and Suitcase

Although a pair of shoes or a new set of of suitcase seem to be a perfect gift for a newlywed couple, for African-Americans, Chinese, and Filipinos, they don’t present as good gifts to receive on their wedding day. In these cultures, shoes and suitcases are believed to invite bad luck to the couple and can cause a person to walk away from their relationship.

To make sure that you are giving an appropriate gift check the tradition that the couple believe. There are some blogs online with photographs that offer such information.

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