Basic Services of Wedding Spa Salons in Miami, FL

Visiting Spa Salon as Wedding Preparation

wedding spaBeing stressed before your wedding is very common; this is why people like to visit spa salons before their wedding in Miami FL. A spa salon caters to your every need from facials to feet massages and its meant to be a relaxing experience for you. But if you are new to the spa “scene” and you have no clue on what to do, this relaxing experience can immediately turn into an anxious one.

So if you are looking to visit spa salons for your wedding in Miami FL  before your bridal photo shooting then read on because we have a couple of things that can help you get through your first ever spa experience and basic etiquette for veteran spa goers.

Be on Time
It’s very important that you be on time or even better at least be at the spa 15 minutes before your appointment. If you are running late, don’t hesitate to give the spa a call so they can hold your schedule for you, usually spas allow to push back your session at least 10 minutes but any more than that and they cancel your appointment.

Be considerate of your appointment cancelations. Spa salons hold open you spot for you this means that their income will be from you for that specific time. If you cancel then that means they don’t get paid for that time you weren’t able to go to. You need to call ahead and cancel if you are running late.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of communication, but if you are in a spa salon getting a treatment, it is considered rude if you’re on your phone. So keep it on silent and in your bag.

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