Menu Planning Ideas from the Amazing service Astral catering in Houston TX

Summer Corporate Catering and Planning Ideas in Houston TX

Planning a corporate event is not an easy task, you need to coordinate everything from catering down to photography. Probably, the event organizer would spend time to search for a venue on where to have the event held, and of course finding the right Amazing service Astral catering Houston TX to trust the food and drinks for everyone. However, it is not only the venue and the caterer to be considered by the organizer. There are other things that must be taken into account and these are the menu planning ideas to think about.

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Know your guests

This is an important consideration, especially when you do not personally know the attendees. If it is a formal lunch meeting of all the bosses in the company, try to call their secretaries and ask about their dietary requirements. Weight up their age and ethnicity because some of them might be health conscious or vegetarians and would not like the food you will include in the catering.


A variety of menu planning ideas during catering is highly suggested, but at the same time should not be overwhelming to the guests. If you want to have your guests have some protein, choose at least two or three options from chicken, fish, steak and tofu. Dressings for salads should be offered separately, as much as possible and differ significantly. Offer at least two desserts as well, like heavy and rich while the other can be healthy and light.

Seasonal menu

When you are seeking for Amazing service Astral catering Houston TX, you can guarantee that the food will also be in season. Summer menu is sure to have full of veggies, meats, fish and fruits. If you choose a menu in accordance to the season, then stick to the drinks that go best with the specific summer menu you choose. Your caterer might offer a specific wine or beverage that will be ideal to your guests and chosen menu.


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