How Smartphones and Tablets Destroy Wedding Photos

Wedding Photography Destroyers

You’ve probably know some people who intentionally photobombs other people’s pictures. It could be silly and funny for some, but make sure to photobomb on pictures that aren’t as formal as wedding photography.

At the wedding ceremony and reception, not every guest is considerate enough to be discreet in using their smartphones and tablets. Of course it is understandable that everyone wants to take pictures of the happy couple exchanging their vows, wearing their wedding rings and sharing a kiss. On the other hand, snapping pictures with your iPad, DSLRs and Go Pros is an obstruction to the official wedding photographers.

All About WeddingWhile it may sound like an easy job to take wedding pictures, it is never easy for the wedding photographers and videographers. The wedding scenario nowadays is not just a sea of guests, but also a sea of phones and cameras. It is no doubt that everybody wants to share their captured wedding photos in their social media accounts. However, this scenario makes it even more impossible for the official photographers to get shots without a guest jumping in front of their cameras or an iPhone sneaking into every frame.

Wedding photographers and videographers have to go beyond what they normally do in order to meet the expectations of their clients. What every couple has paid for are wedding photographs without the guests holding their DSLRs and camera phones that ruin the shots. The creativity of the wedding photographers and videographers are tested, because of course, nobody wants the back of someone’s head included in their wedding album.

It is not new at all that wedding photographers become frustrated because of this social pet peeve. There are cases where wedding photographers impose the ‘No Camera’ policy into their contracts. The photo of the couple’s first wedding kiss, for instance, was ruined because of the flash from the DSLR.

It is often recommended to remind the wedding guests about their purpose of attending the celebration and that there are official wedding photographers to document the whole festivity. Things have changed because in the past weddings, people would try their best to focus and enjoy the experience of being at the moment. Yet today, many guests tend to focus more on thinking how to craft a likable photo in Facebook and Instagram.

Think about planning your wedding photography and see for yourself on how you could take advantage from an unplugged wedding. Do you think smartphones, tablets and other camera devices are killing moments and experiences or it helps to preserve them?

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