What a Hindu Wedding Banquet Hall Decoration Must Have

Symbolic Hindu Wedding Decorations

Weddings are sacred events but it is considered to be of a different degree when it comes to Hindu weddings. When it comes to Hindu wedding banquet hall decoration, there are symbolic items or features that must always be present.

indian wedding


Hindu weddings are not only known for its prestigious and unique traditions but also for its use of excessive colors that is very attractive in pictures. For a Hindu wedding, it is the color that identifies the religion and culture. It also defines the d├ęcor to be used for the event. Everything you see in a Hindu wedding is consists of multiple colors that reflects its traditions. A couple can choose any colors they prefer to blend but matching the wedding venue also matters. It should also match the wedding attires of the bride and the groom.


From garlands of flowers worn by the bride and groom to the petals thrown by the parents, flowers are used not only as part of the Hindu wedding banquet hall decoration but for its tradition as well. Aside from the drapery and carpeting, flowers fill in the Hindu wedding with fragrance and added colors.


There will always be lamp near the Hindu altar or temple. This is not just a decorations but an item that must never be forgotten. Having it close to the Hindu deities, it will be lit by the guests as symbol of light and sacredness.


Indian umbrellas during Hindu wedding events are not used to cover you form rain for Indian wedding decor. It has been a tradition to have an Indian umbrella to symbolize protection, royalty, and a married and committed life above ascetic life. Carefully woven in red and gold, you can also decorate it in a different way but still possess the traditional Indian wedding colors.

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