How to Decide in Getting a Wedding Planner or Not?

Options in Getting a Planner

As the wedding-planning industry has grown, so too have the levels and types of wedding-planning services from which you can choose. It is important that you know who you are going to trust in your wedding planning. Options range from a “Day-of” package to full coordination, and depending on the consultant, the services included in each can vary. It may include arranging vendors such as florist, photographers and a lot more. Which choice is best for you rest upon a number of factors, including your desired price point and how much time you’re able to commit to the planning process? Consider all of your options carefully before selecting the level that’s right for your situation.


This type of wedding package is the most economical selection, especially if you are planning your nuptials on your own. The coordinator will simply step in on the day of the wedding and provide an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands to help ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible. This option works well if you’re a bride who has previous hands-on experience, is extremely organized, and has a lot of free time to conduct the extensive research that must be performed in order to make educated planning decisions.


This category of service is a great option if you have a clear vision for your wedding and just need a little extra handholding and guidance leading up to the big event. It’s also an effective alternative to more detailed service when cost is a consideration. This level allows your coordinator to become familiar with your wedding in advance and oversee the events of the day with confidence, but without a full-time investment. Often, you can add amenities as needed, such as a décor consultation or having your wedding coordinator attend your tasting, for a nominal fee. This is a service that you can pay monthly if you want have lower costs.


This option is like having a personal assistant throughout your planning process. The wedding consultant is with you every step of the way, helping to ensure that you make the best possible choices. He or she is instrumental in bringing your wedding vision to fruition while staying within your spending limit. Many times, a wedding coordinator can even save you money based on relationships and experience with trusted vendors. A good wedding coordinator should pay for themselves. So therefore, you need to know the right kind of wedding planner when you are planning on hiring one.

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