Choosing the Best Colors of the Season for Wedding Venues Decoration in Long Island NY

Right Colors for the Right Wedding Decorations

Long Island is not only visited during summer season for couples who plan to have a summer wedding. Many couples visit the Island all year round to enjoy the beach on their wedding day. Different month and season calls for a variety of color for your flowers, theme and decorations. For this reason, couples should pay attention to the best match of colors for their wedding venues decoration in Long Island NY.

By the end and start of the year, the months of December, January and February share the same color hues. The themes like Christmas, diamond or winter wonderland is common and the use of opulent and pale look for these holiday themes are rampant. Consider using decorations with the color of icy blue, silver, white, gold, metallic and pair with some shimmering stones.

wedding venueWeddings during November are a sticking point to stay close to nature. The autumn and brassy colors are no longer a trend. Instead, search for decorations to your wedding venues in Long Island with subtler palette of cream, gold, sepia, ivory and even black.

The months of August, September and October are the top most choice of many brides looking forward to their autumn wedding. Choose table centerpieces, lanterns and pillows with colors latte, mocha, rust orange, green and gold. This is the time of the year for nature themes, where you usually see carved pumpkins and ripe grapes.

Depending on your location, May, June and July are typically the summer months in Long Island. Whether you have a beach or garden wedding in mind, choose bright and energizing color palettes, which is also great for wedding photos. Look for hot pink, orange and eye-popping colored venue decorations. Aqua, turquoise and teal are just few of the favorites, exclusive info here.

The most wonderful time of the year for wedding is spring, as most flowers are in full bloom. Additionally, brides who dream of having romantic wedding venues decoration in Long Island NY from flowers and more can certainly achieve it this time of the year.

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